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Mid-Calf Medi Crew Socks | Diabetes & Circulation | Womens 9-11 (6 Pairs)

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Women's diabetes cotton crew socks. These comfortable and loose-fitting socks are ideal for women with diabetes. It's good for blood circulation and are made of soft cotton.

  • Wide Non-Constructive Welted Top: The fabric knit pattern allows the top to stretch with your legs, so you don't fatigue.
  • Good for Blood Circulation: Loosely ribbed tops help maintain good blood circulation to your feet, which helps prevent abrasions and infections.
  • Non-Irritating Toe Seams: Smooth toe seams allow for less irritation and more comfort. Combined with a soft cotton blend, these socks are great for diabetic patients.
  • Soft Comfort Combed Cotton: The soft comfort cotton blend allows your feet to breath and cushions your foot so you can walk more comfortably with less irritation.
  • Materials: 80% Cotton; 15% Spandex; 3% Elastic; 2% Nylon
  • Sock size 9-11 (Fit to shoe size 5-10)
  • Made in Pakistan

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thick colorful socks

I very much like height, I don't like the thickness. They don't fit in my shoes shoes.